Community Development


Commun Dev - SumburuPACE has spear-headed successful inter-denominational mission trips to Maralal, Rwanda and Indonesia and we are planning more local and international mission trips each year for our staff and local churches. It is our hope that these mission trips will spark a desire within the local church to engage in missions to help the poor in Kenya and East Africa.

Tree Planting

Commun Dev - Tree PlantingPACE is implementing a tree planting initiative to battle the deforestation that is happening in our country. It is our hope to plant 250 trees each year around Nyahururu for the next 10 years.We also hope to spread our efforts to other towns and villages and empower them to start their own tree planting and re-greening initiatives.

Livestock Project

Commun Dev - Chicken CoopPACE is in the midst of creating a chicken hatchery to help poor widows as well as PACE students. Our aim is to raise 150 chickens (layers) to maturity, and hatch at least 250 eggs per quarter, which will be partially used for the boarders and staff at PACE, and partially used as a donation to poor widows so that they can gain a source of income through raising and selling high quality chickens and eggs to the market in Nyahururu town. Coupled with this effort, we are holding educational sessions through the Pan African Vocational College on hatching and raising chickens every two weeks here at PACE.