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Dental - Ben MBuruBen Mburu is the Oral Health Officer in charge of the PACE Dental Clinic in Nyahururu, Kenya, East Africa. He received his training at Kenya Medical Training Centre in 2006 and did his internship at Kijabe Mission Hospital. Early in his time at Kijabe Mission Hospital, because of his particular interest in oral surgery, he was given the onerous task of reviving the Mukeu Dispensary Dental Department which had been closed for some time.Within a short period,the daily patient number at Mukeu was up to fifteen.

While still at Kijabe, he was introduced to PACE Ministries and heard of their
interest in starting a dental clinic in Nyahururu. In his own words: “I saw the PACE dental clinic plan as an opportunity to build on my experience at Mukeu. Although at first, I was reluctant to start over again from the ground floor, having just gotten Mukeu back on its feet, I decided to pursue this challenge. I was inspired to serve the people of the Nyahururu area through the program being offered by PACE Ministries.? PACE  Dental  Clinic  offers  a  full  range  of  dental  care  services  from dental extractions to root canal treatments.  Full denture service will be added by the end of 2011. Even though PACE Dental Clinic is a private office, our fee structure is very affordable.  Sponsors from various parts  of the world help to make this a viable part of PACE Ministries?outreach  to needy people in Eastern Africa

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Ben  has  been  blessed  in  the  past  few  months  with  visits  by  dentists  from  the UK, the USA and Australia. These visits and personal exchanges, coupled with increasing  sponsorship  support,  will ensure  that  Ben’s  work  will  continue  to grow  and  bless  the  local  community  with  the  needed  dental  services.    Ben’s reputation  for  caring,  his  gentle  mannerisms  and  his  professionalism,  have certainly contributed to the clinic’s growth from one patient per week in 2009 to as many as 15-20 patients per day in 2011. Ben sums it up when he says: “The Lord has been merciful to us and I trust upon Him to take us to the next level?  Ben is 28, single and he keeps fit by jogging every morning.  He likes swimming and spending time by the ocean.  He loves his work. You can learn more about PACE Ministries by contacting Ben at: