Early Morning Fire Destroys PACE Boys’ Dorms

What HappenedSDC12720

On Wednesday morning at about 5:15am the high school boys were already in class doing their morning preps, but the little boys, in primary school were still asleep.

An electrical fire broke out in their dorm. After the screams from the girls, the high school boys rushed to the dorms and carried out the sleeping younger boys. Though there were a couple of minor injuries due to falling in the darkness, but all the children were rescued safely.

Five dorm rooms, beds and storage boxes were all destroyed but all lives were saved. How we praise God for His care over every student.

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The Temporary Plan

The art, library and computer room have been temporarily converted into boys’ dorms.

The short term goal is to complete the current library and high school building. This building is about 50% finished. We will have a further update on this project soon.

Once completed it will be a permanent, risk free and modern facility – it will be able to be used for the boys’ dorms until a permanent dorm can be built.

The long range goal is to build a permanent dorm where the current boys dorm was.

The LossDSC02514

  • 62 boys suffered personal property losses.

Current Situation

  • The Ministry of Education came is insisting that we must have beds by Monday May 16th. If this is not rectified the boys will need to be sent home.

Urgent Needs

To be addressed by Monday. Based on actual need and things that were lost in fire.

Housing Needs

  • 136 Blankets
  • 62 Mattress
  • 62 Sheets
  • 62 Buckets
  • 62 Bed Covers
  • 45 Bunk beds
  • 48 Metal boxes

Total $7800

Primary School Boys UniformsDSC02535

  • 25 Cream white shirts
  • 25 Black Trousers black
  • 25 Used Pairs of Shoes
  • 25 Black striped tie
  • 50 Uniform sock (2 pairs)

Total   $375

High School Boys Uniforms

  • 37 White Shirts
  • 37 Dark Grey Trouser
  • 37 Used Pairs of Shoes
  • 37 Green striped ties
  • 74 Uniform socks

Total   $925


DOWNLOAD NOW!! – PACE Fire Recovery Fund PDF

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