Education at PACE

At PACE, it is our goal to develop three critical areas of the children and adults we serve through education. Firstly, we aim to develop the individual talents that our students possess. Secondly, we aim to develop the spiritual formation of our students in training them to be Christ like and obey his teachings (Matthew 28). Thirdly, we aim to develop the minds of our students by working within a holistic educational model that focuses on meeting the needs of our students, application of knowledge and fostering the developmental growth of each student. Kids in front of doorIn line with the PACE Ministry Motto; “Make Education affordable and accessible”, PACE has continually empowered our students through their education. We have also embraced internally displaced persons following the disputed General Elections here in Kenya, and accorded children of these people accommodation, food and access to education.

We are continuing to sponsor needy students from the war torn Rwanda by offering them accommodation, food, and school fees.

Our maxim is thus to make “Education Available, Affordable and ccessible.” Education is one of the core values of PACE Ministries and this is the reason for the creation and development of the Pan African family of schools. We run an integrated “one stop education system” that caters for children from nursery (ages 2-6) to college (age 20+). The education sector employs the largest number of people in the ministry (62%). 79% of our staff work with academy aged children at the Pan African Academy. Our education department provides academic opportunities to orphans, needy and street children from 2 countries in the great lake region as well as to our own local kids. 10-15 % of our pupil and student population are receiving free education and assisted living.

PACE Ministries education goal is to operate four schools on one campus

Elementary School
Elementary School from original Education pg

High School
High School completion by 2010

Vocational College
Education - Vocational College

Pan African School of Theology (Bible College)
Education - Pan African School Theology

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