Evangelism Outreach

PACE is a Christ-centered organization and we continually look to Him for our strength and leadership in prayer and through the scriptures that testify about Him. One of the goals of PACE evangelical outreach is to network and partner with other like minded organizations and Churches in evangelical work.

In that light, PACE started a Pastors Fellowship that takes place every Tuesday at 6:30 am in the Municipal Hall in Nyahururu Town. The Fellowship brings together Pastors from different denominations to deliberate and undertake spiritual matters concerning the people in Nyahururu and the town’s spiritual environment/temperature. PACE also stepped alongside Nyahururu pastors in holding a camping retreat for pastors and their families (pictured below).

Men standing around table

PACE spear heads local missions within the church community. PACE held a Pastors’ mission trip to Indonesia, and all of the employees at PACE participated in an interdenominational church building mission to a rural area called Maralal, which is in Sumburu province of Kenya. More missions to Maralal and Sumburu Province are being planned, as well as mission trips to Kakamega in Kenya’s Central Province, Rwanda, Congo and Uganda.

These trips leave left an indelible positive and lasting mark in the hearts of all who are involved, and we believe at PACE that this goes a long way in team-building, forming a sense of community, and closeness with the Father in them, their families and most remarkably in their respectable Churches.

Educ - Maralal BldgEduc - Maralal Church

The evangelism program at PACE also provides evangelistic, edification and exaltation opportunities to children and orphans (6-12 years old), youth (13-19 years old), young adults (19-29 years old) and adults 30 and over. There are also opportunities to minister with us in local churches and schools from primary to high schools in music, devotions, preaching, drama and games such as basketball, volleyball and football (soccer). Week-long children’s camps are held in the months of April, August and December during school breaks, which provides a great opportunity for mission teams to come alongside Kenyan leaders and teachers to minister to children in a variety of areas.

Educ - Camp Kids