You won’t believe how God has provided for us!


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On Wednesday May 11th the PACE Boys Dorms Burned to the ground. We praise God that all our students were kept safe. But the fire did present us with a significant financial challenged. Our immediate need was to raise money to provide bunk beds (so the students were not sleeping on the floor) and replace their uniforms and storage boxes. On top of that we faced the financial challenge of finishing the construction of a building and washrooms that would be used for the Boys moving forward.

We sent out word to our friends and partners around the world and we have been overjoyed by the response.

018So far we have received:

  • $11,200 given through IT Canada
  • $9,000 from a Canadian Church
  • $1,150 given through MCS (Donaldson’s)
  • $8,000 given through PACE USA
  • $12,000 from another Canadian Church for construction needs

The brings the total raised since the fire to around $40,000.

Those at PACE expressed it best in these words:

From the Ashes We Rise

Because you opened your heart and y our wallets, we are Rising from the ashes. The boys who lost everything in the fire have now received personal effects, toiletries, T-shirts, underwear, uniform shirts, trousers, shoes, socks, buckets, mattresses, and blankets. The tailor is now making the additional uniform items. Beds are being made. The construction work for the transition dormitories is underway. By September the boys should be in the two-storied transition dorms. All this is happening because of you!

New Dorm Construction

New Dorm Construction

We still have these needs going forward

  • 25 Extra Bunk Beds
    • $100/Bed
  • Boys Bathroom Construction
    • Which includes 6 toilet and 12 shower stalls
    • Approximately $5000
  • Boys Dorm Completion
    • Permanent Flooring and Walls

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