Ngamau Update – July 2015

Dear Friends and Family,

Trust that this small note finds you encouraged in the Lord.  Just wanted to say thank you for helping us to have a smooth time during our working furlough.  We feel that 90 percent of what we wanted to accomplish with our visit did come to pass.  We left Kenya May 3rd and returned July 3rd.  We thank you all for the way in which you accommodated our larger family.

We thank you for receiving and serving us in your homes, churches and in special meetings. Thank you for putting your normal lives on a temporary pause for our benefit. With three rentals in the course of two months, we covered over 6000 miles. We were blessed that our son Ngamau was able to help drive 1000 of those miles!!!.  We greatly appreciate time we shared with you in America and Canada.  For many of the visits they were short but we feel that it was quality.  We’re praying that God will open opportunities for us to return once every 3 years instead of the current 5 years. We have served in Kenya now for 18 years from 1997 – 2015. During these 18 years, we have returned to the US as a family 3 times. 

Following our sons Ngamau graduation this past May,  we felt it best to leave him in the US to seek employment to help pay off his student loans. He has made 30 application so far. We pray with him that God will provide him with employment suitable for him.

Arriving in Nairobi was a joy to our hearts although we were very tired. The second leg of the flight seemed more tiring but we still proceeded to Nyahururu, our home the same night. We got home by 2:30 am. and slept till 11:30 a.m. We had forgotten how cold Nyahururu is, having come from summer temps. That same evening, I prepared 4th of July dinner for all our kids who live in our home. We shared photos and had great family fellowship. Prior to our coming, our kids have been counting days for our return.  Our son Kihika said he now feels settled and comfortable that the parents are home.  Emailing and Skyping are just not the same.

Wachira started his normal work schedule with school chapel and then on to his church responsibilities. Later that afternoon we were expected at an extended family gathering 1 1/2 hour drive from us.  Starting today Tuesday, Wachira is back on schedule with early morning prayer meetings and back to back meetings having been away 2 months.  Since our return, we have already served one team from canada. So much ahead and much to do we stand on the promises of God that his Grace is sufficient for us.  

Again, thank you for all the hospitality you rendered to the Ngamau’s in 2015.  Be blessed of the Lord.

Wachira and Glenda for all of us

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