Our Needs

Our Needs

PACE has a variety of needs that short-term teams and long-term missionaries can meet. Our needs fall under seven categories: Personnel, Materials (consumables and non-consumables), Orphaned Poor & Needy Children, support for Pastors, Pastors’ wives, Rwandan students, and staff children. We are also welcoming the creation of chairs for related endowment funds.

Please contact us to inquire further about needs you feel led to help us meet that may not appear on our website.


At PACE, we encourage anyone with a heart for people, and a desire to serve God to join us in serving the people of Kenya and our community. You can find out more by browsing the short and long-term sections of this website.

Dental Clinic

We sincerely appreciate donations of used/old dental equipment. Please contact wachira.ngamau@pacekenya.org for enquiries. Currently, we are in need of:

  • Electric Motor for Trimming Dentures
  • Apex Locator
  • Slow and High Handpieces (dental drills)
  • Endodontic Electtric Motor (root canal filing)
  • Peri-apical Radiograph Film (for X-ray machine)
  • Panoramic Dental X-ray Machine
  • Crown and Bridge making Machine
  • Amalgamator (to mix filling material)

We also appreciate donations of materials such as tooth brushes, toothpaste, dental floss, Opalescence (whitening kits), cotton rolls, mouth wash, face masks, amalgams/composites & G.I.C. (filling materials), and lignocaine (dental anesthesia). Contact wachira.ngamau@pacekenya.org or bmwainaina@yahoo.com for enquiries.


Orphaned Poor & Needy Children

In addition to taking care of children from our war torn neighboring countries, PACE also takes care of our own orphaned, poor and needy children. Their care takers, largely their grandmothers, lack the capacity to provide for their education, health and other critical and essential needs in their lives. You can support one of the PACE needy children directly for as little as US$25 per month, which will provide for school tuition, uniforms, three meals per day at PACE and school supplies. Donations to this cause, regardless of the amount, will go towards supporting all of the needy children as a group in order to ensure a fair chance for all.

Support for Pastors

At PACE, we educate pastors and students of theology at our Pan African School of Theology. These students are taking college level courses in order to better teach and lead their church bodies toward Christ. P.A.S.T. allows the pastors the ability to not have to leave their pulpits or homes in order to better educate themselves. You can support a PAST student through a monetary donation, a donation of school supplies or a technology donation of a laptop, printing paper, a USB thumb drive and/or funding to purchase an Internet satellite modems and data bundles to enable them to research online (approximatly $100US for the modem, and US$15per month for service)

Support for Pastor’s Wives

For the first term of the Pastors’ schooling at PAST, the men attended school and their wives stay home with their children and/or earn money to support their husbands in their schooling. We would like to see that changed. These women have sacrificed their own schooling and we would like them to have the opportunity to serve alongside their husbands in ministry. You can choose one or more of our Pastor’s wives to support financially in their educational endeavor to learn more about God’s Word and to better counsel their husbands, children, youth, women and church.

A full scholarship for one student covers books, fees and tuition at US$1,178 per year or $98.16 per month. PAST welcomes friends and stakeholders who wish to partner in the work of glorifying God.

Rwandan Academy and Seminary Students

The Rwandan academy students are with us at PACE Academy due to the political instability that resulted during the tribal war in Rwanda. Some of the students are orphans while others have parents who cannot support them financially. For example, one student’s father is a soldier who must be away for long periods of time. These children have been with us since spring of 2005.

The Rwandan seminary students are with us at PACE because they have a desire to help the orphans, widows and believers within their own churches in Rwanda. They desire to see the Rwandan church grow through evangelism and they want to work out their calling from God in the example of Isaiah 1:17: “Learn to live right. See that justice is done. Defend widows and orphans and help those in need.”

You can support our Rwandan students by making a financial or materials donations (either in Kenya or from home). Visit our support page for information on financial support and how to direct donations.

Staff Children

The Staff at PACE work very hard at work and at home. Some of them having as many as two or three children enrolled at PACE, and it can be difficult to find all of the necessary funds to keep their children at the Academy. When you support a staff child at PACE, you are also supporting our hardworking staff members.