Outreach Centers

The following are organizations in Kenya who are networked with PACE ministries.

Outreach - Victory

Victory Christian Schools

  • Pastor Francis and his wife Beth educate over 70 preschool students who are underprivileged and living in the Maina Village.
  • PACE Role: De-worming/ Teaching aids/ Nutritional Supplements

Outreach - Kiriita

Kiriita Aged Rehabilitation Center

  • KARC is a community outreach for the elderly aged 70 and above. KARC provides needed Christian fellowship for the aged who would normally be isolated from their age mates.
  • PACE Role: Dental/ General Health

Outreach - Kimaru

Kimaru Special School

  • This school educates over 70 children with severe mental challenges and provides a family environment for the children to nurture their emotional needs.
  • PACE Role: Dental/ General Health/ Nutritional Supplements

Outreach - Talitha Kum

Talitha Kum

  • This Catholic orphanage is a home to over 60 HIV positive children from the age of 2 through 16. The children are loved unconditionally by 8 nuns who run this grass roots orphanage.
  • PACE Role: Vitamin & Nutritional Supplements.

Outreach - Heaven's Eyes

In Heaven’s Eyes

  • This is a home for street boys and girls who are trying to turn their lives around. All 39 children are currently enrolled in school and doing well.
  • PACE Role: Dental/ General Health/ Nutritional Supplements.

International Partners


  • In pursuit of the second part of PACE’s vision—to reach out to “the Diaspora”—the ministry has developed partnerships in countries with a population originating from Africa. These include, besides the United States, Panama, Brazil and Haiti.
  • Mission des Eglises Baptists Independants (MEBI) located in the North West village of Bombardopolis, Haiti has the longest history with PACE. Founded in 1970 by a Jamaican pastor, Leslie G. Harris, the mission is mostly focused on orphans of the poor area of Haiti.
  • Its first priority is education. The current manager of MEBI , Pastor Fritz Junior Shirley (he prefers Pastor Junior, but is, professionally, Pastor Shirley) stated clearly: “when you save a child [through education] you save many generations to come; you help stop violence, poverty and [these generations] contribute to society.” It operates a nursery school, primary school and a high school.
  • The second focus of MEBI is medical mission. It has a clinic that focuses on maternity needs; in fact many babies have been born in what is set up as a consultation clinic.
  • MEBI welcomes short-term teams to contribute and work with the Haitian leadership: building projects, tutoring (especially in English), medical clinics are all available for short-term teams.
  • They are also looking for partners in a long-term work in medical missions, vocational training and English teaching.