PACE Overview – June 2015

How PACE Started

  • When Wachira Ngamau was a graduate student in America, he realized that Christians of African heritage were in a unique position as missioners to the world. Because people of African heritage have shared histories of slavery, oppression and the struggle for self – identity and self – actualization, Wachira embraced the idea of Pan African Christian Exchange. He organized a mission trip back to Kenya with mostly African American Christians in 1989. This trip provided an opportunity for cross – cultural bridge – building ministry with Black and White Americans and Africans. For over 25 years, Africans, African Americans and non – Africans have served Africans thru PACE.

Mission of PACE

Pan African Christian Exchange (PACE) Ministries serves the marginalized and economically challenged communities of Kenya (as the host country), of African nations and of the African Diaspora in the United States of America, in the Caribbean and in South America. Our services include, but are not limited to, providing

  • Educational opportunities for persons needing elementary, high school, vocational and/or religious studies:
  • Economic development opportunities for women, youth and the needy;
  • Affordable healthcare and dental services especially to infants, children, women, and senior citizens; and
  • Christian evangelism, church and community leadership training, and Community Development partnership.

Education is the Flagship of PACE Ministries

From Nursery School to Vocational College and Bible School, we seek to empower and equip the marginalized.

Primary Children have a new library, a place to enjoy reading for pleasure.

The Pan African Nursery allows parents to be assisted in the foundational development of their infant and pre – school children. Our Primary School moves the child into formal graded education in accordance with the Kenya Ministry of Education curriculum. PACE added the high school in 2011 and graduated its first class in 2014. A child who does not make it to University can learn trades and certified professional skills at our vocational college. Those who are called to Christian ministry can learn more about the Bible and Christian ministry by joining one of the three programs offered at our Bible School.

Pastors, the spiritual leaders of the community, attend special seminars at PACE.

PACE also serves the community through the Medical and Dental Clinics on campus.

During the dry seasons, our neighbors get clean water from PACE.

Download PACE Brochure 2015

Updated Children’s Library

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